CPP Partners with AstraZeneca - 3/1/2019
CPP is pleased to announce a new partnership with AstraZeneca that provides our members a discount opportunity on doses of FluMist®, an intranasal influenza vaccine, for the upcoming 2019-2020 flu season. Members who opt into this contract will receive a discount off the list price of doses ordered through an authorized distributor throughout the entire 2019-2020 flu season. Authorized distributors of FluMist currently include McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. and FFF Enterprises Inc.

To access this discount, please contact the CPP office at or 614-722-2145 to obtain pricing details, updated terms and conditions as well as a declaration form. If you participated in the FluMist discount in prior flu seasons under CPP-MedImmune contract, we will still need an updated declaration form to show your acceptance of the new agreement under AstraZeneca.

Members who are interested in pre-booking FluMist doses should place their reservations with an authorized distributor prior to March 31, 2019.

We hope this will be of interest to your practice as we are always trying to find ways to provide more value to our members!

Order your vaccine trays! - 1/22/2019
CPP is offering a unique opportunity to receive new vaccine trays for your practice – free of charge! The trays measure 9” x 7” and are perfect for carrying vaccines into exam rooms for administration.

Request your free trays by contacting the CPP office at today!

CPP Partners with Dynavax - 6/21/2018
CPP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dynavax, the manufacturer of the newly approved adult hepatitis-B vaccine Heplisav-B® administered as a 2-dose series. (April 2018 MMWR publication of the ACIP recommendation)

Members of CPP who opt-into the Dynavax contract can access discounted pricing on doses of Heplisav-B® purchased through an authorized distributor. For a complete list of authorized distributors, see attached list or call 1-84-HEPLISAV (1-844-375-4728).

Members who are interested in participating in the CPP/Dynavax contract should contact the CPP office at 614-722-2145 or to obtain an opt-in form.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Merck Vaccines Supply Interruptions - 7/10/2017
Merck has announced supply interruptions that have impacted availability of several of their vaccines:
•Adult formulation of RecombivaxHB, a hepatitis B vaccine – not anticipated to be available throughout 2019
•Pediatric formulation of RecombivaxHB, a hepatitis B vaccine – anticipated return: late 2019

During product shortages, CPP does not enforce program purchase guidelines for the affected vaccines. To stay up to date on product availability, refer to the Merck Vaccines Supply Status website.