CPP & AAP Working Together to Provide Tools & Resources

Through our work with the AAP we are able to connect CPP members to critical information and invaluable learning tools and resources for their practices. Offered through AAP, Pediatric Care Online is a web based integrated point-of-care solution that delivers quick, reliable pediatric information for your every day clinical needs.

PCO offers a wide variety of tools and resources for pediatric physicians and medical care providers including these high value User Tips.

AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care
Pediatric Care Online provides clinical information and recommendations through such features as the newly published AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care, directed by a distinguished editorial team and featuring contributions from experienced clinicians nationwide.
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Quickly revisit your favorite and most viewed PCO Web pages by saving them in myPCO, a personalized bookmarking system built right into the platform.
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Interactive Periodicity Schedule
Quickly find recommendations for each well-child visit with four easy steps.
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Signs & Symptoms Search
Narrow your search within the AAP Point-of-Care Quick Reference by entering and/or choosing symptoms.
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Point-of-Care Quick Reference
Use the Quick Reference to quickly find concise and top-line information for point-of-care decision-making.
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Mobile Devices – Blackberry and iPhone
View PCO in its entirety on your Blackberry or iPhone. You do not need to download or install anything to access PCO on these two mobile devices.
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Content Manager
Use the Content Manager to better customize content pages when in a Library feature, as well as the Interactive Periodicity.
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Bright Futures
Refer to Bright Futures to help you provide better health care, save time, and keep up with changes in family, communities, and society that impact child health.
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Bright Futures Pocket Guide
Use the Bright Futures pocket guide as a quick reference tool and training resource.
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