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Vaccine management tips to help protect your bottom line.


The Business Case for Pricing Vaccines:

The AAP’s Business Case for Pricing Vaccines


Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) Act of 2021 Support Letter:

The Strengthening the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) Act of 2021



CDC – Vaccine Private Sector Price List

AAP’s Vaccine Payment Benchmark Summary


Vaccine Payment Analysis Template (Protected)REGISTERLOGIN

Compare payment rates for each vaccine CPT code across your major payers to easily identify areas of concern.


CMS Guidance:

CMS PFS Relative Value (RVU) Files

Medicare Coverage for Vaccines


Vendor Partner Vaccine Reimbursement Helplines:

Sanofi Pasteur: 800-822-2463  (Sanofi Pediatric Vaccine Inquiry Form)

Merck: 800-734-6282

Pfizer: 800-666-7248