Leveraging Summer for Pediatric Patient Recalls

Summer Patient Recalls

Summer presents a unique opportunity for pediatricians to conduct patient recalls effectively. With school out and families more likely to have flexible schedules, it’s an ideal time to address any outstanding health concerns and ensure children are up-to-date with their medical care. Here’s how or reminder tips on how healthcare providers can take advantage of the summer months for patient recalls.

Steps to Implement Summer Patient Recalls
  1. Identify Recall Needs:
    • Review patient records to identify those due for vaccinations, wellness check-ups, or follow-up appointments. Pay special attention to those who may have missed appointments during the school year.
  1. Plan and Prioritize:
    • Prioritize recalls based on urgency and the type of care needed. Children due for immunizations should be prioritized to ensure they are protected before the start of school.
  1. Communication Strategy:
    • Have a comprehensive communication plan. Use multiple channels such as emails, phone calls, text messages, and patient portals to reach out to families. Personalize messages to emphasize the importance of the recall and the benefits of scheduling during the summer.
  1. Flexible Scheduling Options:
    • If your able to offer extended hours or weekend appointments to accommodate varying family schedules. This flexibility can encourage more families to take advantage of the recall opportunity.
  1. Educational Outreach:
    • Use the recall process to educate families about the importance of vaccines. The CDC provides some helpful resources that stress the importance and benefits of childhood vaccines.
  1. Coordinate with Schools and Camps:
    • Collaborate with local schools and summer camps to remind parents of health requirements and encourage timely appointments. This can include distributing informational flyers or emails.
  1. Monitor and Follow-Up:
    • Keep track of recall responses and follow up with families who haven’t scheduled their appointments. Ensure that all necessary care is completed before the school year begins.

By leveraging the flexibility of summer schedules, providing educational outreach, and offering convenient appointment options, pediatricians can enhance the health and well-being of their patients. Implementing a strategic recall system during this period not only prepares children for a healthy return to school but also reinforces the importance of regular healthcare maintenance.


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