AAP Launches social media campaign to encourage parents to #CallYourPediatrician

AAP Campaign

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) launched a campaign on May 20 urging parents to call their pediatricians to schedule check-ups and vaccines in light of falling immunization rates. The #CallYourPediatrician campaign aims to help parents understand the importance of vaccinating and urges parents to keep pediatric check-ups and routinely vaccinate their children.

The AAP is sharing the graphics, videos, and messages on its social media platforms using the hashtag #CallYourPediatrician. Campaign materials can be downloaded in many formats and for various social media platforms, and include light hearted and humorous images. One campaign shows children jumping on the bed or making a mess with the message, “Dear parents: We’ll take them off your hands for 20 minutes. Love, Your pediatrician.”

All messages and images can be found on the AAP’s website.