AAP Releases “Policies to Preserve the Vaccine Delivery System for Children”

AAP Policies

In response to declining vaccination rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine, the AAP released policies leaders say need to be enacted to preserve the vaccine delivery system. In addition to maintaining routine immunizations in order to prevent an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, a strong vaccine delivery system is critical to administering influenza vaccine for the critical 2020-21 flu season and to delivering the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

These policies include:

  • Prospective Medicaid Vaccine Payments
  • Increasing Regional Maximum VFC Vaccine Administration Fees
  • Appropriately Valued Vaccine Codes
  • Allow Borrowing Between Public and Private Vaccine Stock
  • Prioritize Delivery of Seasonal Flu Vaccine to VFC Providers
  • Reduced Regulatory Burden and Collaboration with Providers on Quality Initiatives

The AAP’s new policies can be found here. They have also released a one pager “Strengthening Immunization Delivery for Children: Preparing for a COVID-19 Vaccine.” Additional resources include: