Valuable Vaccine Management Resources & Grants

Vaccine Management Resources

One of the benefits of joining a vaccine buying group is the additional administrative support that can be invaluable for busy practices. This support can include assistance with inventory management, guidance on vaccine storage and handling, and help with the complexities of vaccine reimbursement. This added layer of support can reduce the administrative burden on healthcare providers, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

All of us at CPP want to say thank you, for your commitment to administering vaccines and our physician buying group remains fully dedicated in providing vaccine management support to your practice.

Vaccine Management Resources
This is a great time to revisit all of the great vaccine management resources CPP has for its members:
  • Vaccine Management Calendar (New Resource)! – CPP has created a Vaccine Management Calendar for our members. Important vaccine management reminders have been placed in a calendar format.
  • Vaccine Orientation Guide – Template to house your standards and procedures related to vaccine management for easy orientation of new staff members.
  • Vaccine Storage Equipment Grant – Frequency limitation of one grant every five years to help offset the cost of investing in proper vaccine storage equipment.
  • 2nd Dose Program Grant – Includes COVID-19 vaccination as an option (in addition to HPV and/or meningococcal vaccines) to measure 2nd dose series completion rates and share best practices.
You Take Care of Your Patients. We take Care of You.
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