Annual Vaccine Management Check-Up

Annual Vaccine Management Check-Up

It’s time for your annual vaccine management check-up! This tool is designed to help you check up on the financial health of your vaccine administration program and will:

  1. Recap Vaccine-Related updates from 2023
  2. Measure the Financial Impact of Vaccines for 2023
  3. Enhance What is Working Well and/or Easily Identify and Remedy Areas of Concern
  4. Understand What to Expect in Vaccine Management for 2024

To get started click here.  CPP members this is a password protected resource so please contact CPP at We have also provided a short video to help our members walk through this online resource.

COntact CPP

Vaccine expenses have grown significantly due to the introduction of new vaccines. To help you budget and project cashflow in anticipation of a busy flu, RSV and COVID vaccination period, please contact us for help. We can provide detailed vaccine purchase history for your group. 


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