Are there times where good medicine and good business intersect?

Patient recall may present just that kind of opportunity.  We’ve heard from member practices that patient recall can be performed in a multitude of ways.  Below are some of the strategies that offices use.   In fact, some offices use a combination of these strategies.

  • Letters / postcards
  • Direct phone calls by practice staff
  • Automated recall using practice EMRs and patient portals
  • Automated recall vendors (Televox, Vital Interaction, Talksoft, Relatient, etc.)
  • Quarterly quality reports focused on well child appointment and vaccination opportunities
  • Vaccine manufacturer patient recall programs

 In addition, we’ve have heard from CPP members that these visits are a perfect time to catch patients that need vaccinations. Some offices use their patient recall systems to encourage patients to visit their practice website and patient portals, where they can check on vaccination reports and schedule appointments when necessary.  We know that from a revenue standpoint, well child and immunization administration visits can drive significant dollars to the bottom line.  We would be interested in your experiences with patient recall.  What works for your office?