Patient Recalls

Patient Recalls

Managing patient recalls can be challenging for healthcare practices. Having an effective recall strategy is an essential part of a practice workflow. Every time a patient leaves your office without making a follow-up appointment they lose the benefit of timely checkups and preventative care.

CPP Practice Tips:

 To successfully implement patient recalls: 

  1. Actively reach out to patients via communication platforms-Automated call and texts reminders, emails and mailed letters or postcards are great reminders for patients overdue for care.
  2. Train Staff-Appropriately train all staff members who answer the phone to check if a patient is overdue for a well visit.
  3. Be Persistent– Don’t give up on patients who haven’t responded to your initial outreach. When your patients feel valued, they value you and will want to make you their primary resource for all of their healthcare needs.

Recalling patients boosts your revenue and ensures quality care for your patients. Visit the CDC for additional resources to encourage routines vaccinations for children and adults.

Visit the CPP Buying Group website for additional vaccine management resources.

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