Merck’s Pediatric Recombivax HB Available March 9, 2020

Hep B

As announced at the ACIP meeting last week, supply of the pediatric formulation of Merck’s Recombivax HB will be returning to the private sector.  The following vaccine presentations will be available for purchase beginning March 9, 2020:   

CPP members can purchase Merck vaccines directly from Merck or through a Merck Vaccines Prime Distributor to receive the CPP member discounts.        

At this time, the adult formulations of Recombivax HB are still unavailable.  You can keep up on supply updates by visiting the Merck Supply Status website.  Remember, CPP members can access a discount on Dynavax’s Heplisav-B, a 2-dose hepatitis B vaccine series for adult patients.  To participate in this discount opportunity, contact the CPP office to request an opt-in form.  Once your practice is linked to the CPP member discount, doses can be purchased through an authorized distributor of Heplisav-B.   

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the CPP Office at 614-722-2145 or your Merck representative.