New RSV Protection of infants for the 2023-2024 RSV season

RSV for infants

Did you know there is now protection from RSV for infants for the 2023-2024 RSV season?

There are two new immunizations approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC, AAP and ACOG for protection of infants for the 2023-2024 RSV season:

  • Monoclonal Antibody (Sanofi’s Beyfortus) for infants up to 8 months old during their first RSV season
  • Vaccine (Pfizer’s Abrysvo) for pregnant women at 32-36 weeks gestation during the RSV season

Due to limited supply of Beyfortus available this RSV season, the CDC is strongly encouraging OBGYN practices to recommend and administer Abrysvo to their pregnant patients at 32-36 weeks gestation thru January 2024.  (Please see this November update provided by the AAP for more detailed information.)

Administration of  Abrysvo utilizes the following CPT codes:

CPT Code Description
90678 Abrysvo
90460 Immunization Administration for patient under 19 years old and counseling provided by a physician
90471 Immunization Administration – 1st injection for patient 19 years old & over or where counseling not provided
90472 Immunization Administration – additional injection for patient 19 years old & over or where counseling not provided


Abrysvo is also approved for patients 60+ so you may need to include the appropriate gestation ICD-10 code (Z3A.33, Z3A.34, Z3A.35, Z3A.36) along with the immunization ICD-10 code Z23.(Click here to download the full billing guide from Pfizer.)

CPP Member Discount

CPP members can access a discount on Abrysvo doses purchased through Pfizer when enrolled in the CPP/Pfizer-Abrysvo contract.  If you are a current CPP member not yet enrolled in this discount or a potential member looking for more information about the CPP vaccine group purchase program, please contact CPP for next steps.


We understand there are a lot of changes happening. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a time to speak with us. We are here to help however we can!


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