Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) Challenge: Phase 1 Winners


The Health Resources and Services Administration selected 50 Phase 1 winners in the Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) Challenge.  Winners received a $10,000 cash prize and advanced to  Phase 2 of the Challenge. Winning applicants proposed a range of solutions to increase access to and utilization of well-child visits and/or immunizations in primary care settings. In Phase 2, these competitors will have 6 months to deploy and measure their innovations. Up to 20 of the Phase 1 winners will then win a final $25,000 cash prize each.


HRSA received more than 240 submissions from teams across the nation. The Phase 1 winners hailed from 23 states, and included community health centers, academic medical clinics and mobile units. Winners also incorporated partnerships with churches, fire departments and other community organizations.


HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau launched the P4 Challenge in December 2020 in response to CDC data demonstrating that fewer children received vaccinations this year compared to last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These declines might leave young children and communities vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles. Well-child visits are an important venue for the administration of vaccines, and also provide parents with an opportunity to raise concerns about a child’s behavior and mental health. Providers can also screen for developmental delays and offer personalized guidance on healthy nutrition, exercise and nutrition.


See the list of Phase 1 Winners.

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