Resource Round-Up: All About Kids

Resource Round-Up Kids

Welcome to Resource Round-Up from CPP Buying Group. In this new blog series, we will highlight recent articles and resources on a specific topic. This edition highlights resources for and about children.


COVID-19 and Children

CHOP: “News & Views: COVID-19 and Kids — What Do We Know?”

As time passes and cases of COVID-19 increase, medical professionals are learning more about infections in children. This article discussed current knowledge on how COVID-19 affects children. It includes information on infection, transmission, hospitalization, and complications.


CHOP: “In the Journals: COVID-19 Deaths among Those < 21 Year Old in the U.S.”

Explains recent CDC data on the incidence of death from COVID-19 in those under the age of 21.


New Vaccination Books for Children

Ava Antibody Explains Your Body and Vaccines

This book describes how antibodies work using simple language and fun illustrations. Explains how vaccination works and how it protects those who can’t be vaccinated.


Features Vicky the Vaccine who teaches children about “Antibuddies” and “bad-guy germs.” The Vax-Force takes children on an exciting and educational adventure to explain how vaccination works.

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