Stay Safe on Spring Break- Get Vaccinated

Spring Break- Get Vaccinated

As families continue to travel for spring break health officials are stressing the importance of being up to date on vaccinations to stay healthy while traveling. The CDC provides their top 5 tips to help families have a safer and healthier spring break. Please share these tips with your patients and families. For more information about immunizations required for travel, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travelers’ Health website.


Protecting patients against vaccine-preventable diseases is critical to healthcare and the right vaccine buying partner can help. At CPP Buying Group, we offer multiple member benefits including:

  • Purchasing Options: Access to a full range of CDC approved childhood, adolescent, adult and maternal.
  • Financial Analysis: FREE Financial Analysis, comparing our program to your current vaccine purchasing method, to see where potential savings opportunities might exist.
  • Member Rebate Program: Provides significant money back on member purchases, semi-annually.
  • Vaccine Management Grants: We offer grants for CDC recommended storage equipment and for improving immunization rates.
  • Education Resources: CPP offers a variety of vaccine management resources to help support your immunization program.

Schedule a call or virtual meeting with CPP if you’re a healthcare provider who wants to strengthen your immunization program and make vaccine procurement, inventory management and reimbursement easier and more financially sustainable. Or you can complete our membership information request form to learn more about our member benefits!

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