Encouraging Multi-Dose Vaccines

Multi-Dose Vaccines

Several routine childhood vaccines require 3-4 doses to achieve optimal disease protection. Failure to complete multi-dose vaccine series is an important driver of under vaccination.

In their study published in the July 25th journal, Pediatrics found more than one in six US children between ages 19 months and 35 months started the vaccine series but didn’t complete it, leaving them vulnerable to serious diseases.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has the full vaccine schedule for toddlers.

CPP 2nd Dose Grant

Increased focus on strategies to encourage multi-dose series completion, is needed to decrease rates of under vaccination and eliminate structural or other barriers to vaccination.

CPP’s 2nd Dose Program provides an opportunity to examine your practice’s 2nd dose immunization rates for vaccines that require multi-dose to complete the series, access resources to help implement a strategy in your office to raise those rates and share successful strategies with other CPP members. Applicable vaccines include COVID-19, meningococcal ACWY, HPV and/or adult hepatitis B.

For information on how to participate, please contact the CPP office at cpp@nationwidechildrens.org or 877-277-9330.

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