Handling Vaccine Temperature Anomalies and Refrigerator Repairs


Effective refrigeration is an important part of managing your vaccine program. Does your practice know what to do in the case of a temperature anomaly? What about when your vaccine refrigerator needs to be repaired?

Here are 6 tips for when vaccine temperatures go outside of normal limits:

  • Investigate and determine how long the vaccine temperatures have been out of range
  • Check to see if the refrigerator door is ajar or making an unusual noise
  • Inventory the vaccine affected currently in the refrigerator
  • Move vaccines to a temporary refrigerator that is working appropriately 
  • Contact the vaccine manufactures to determine the status of the vaccines
  • Document the entire incident, results and actions taken to prevent another temperature excursion

The Immunization Action Committee created a helpful form to complete after an unacceptable vaccine storage event. This handout and other storage and handling tools can be found here: https://www.immunize.org/clinic/storage-handling.asp

If you determine that a refrigerator needs to be repaired after a temperature anomaly, here some sources of good refrigerator repair information:

  • Refrigerator manufacturer
  • Your medical supplies and equipment provider
  • Commercial appliance repair company
  • Other medical practices or hospitals in your area
  • Restaurant equipment repair companies

CPP Buying Group has a robust collection of Vaccine Storage and Handling resources. In addition, we can help with the purchase of a new vaccine refrigerator or freezer. Our Vaccine Storage Equipment Educational Program (VSEEP) provides grants of up to $750 to offset the cost of vaccine storage equipment. Contact our office for more information.

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