Pfizer New Pricing Updates

Pfizer New Pricing Updates
Recently, Pfizer announced catalog price increases on their Prevnar 20™ and Trumenba® vaccines. For CPP members, the new pricing goes into effect on February 23, 2023. For details and updated pricing sheets, CPP members can contact the CPP office at 614-722-2145 or If your practice is not yet linked to CPP through the Pfizer portal and still paying list price for these vaccines, contact the CPP office for detailed instructions for how to enroll.
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Vaccine manufacturers typically increase pricing on vaccines annually. Vaccines are expensive and price increases give an opportunity to check the financial health of your practices’ vaccine administration program. Below are a few resources that should help you navigate these price changes.

The Business Case for Pricing Vaccines

CDC Vaccine Price List

CPP Vaccine Price Change Tools

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