Preparing Your Practice to Fight the Flu

Flu Ready

The CDC recently released it’s Healthcare Provider Toolkit to help prepare your practice for flu season.  The toolkit is designed to equip providers to make strong influenza recommendations, facilitate productive conversations with patients, and improve influenza vaccination rates.

The toolkit includes:

  • Handouts with guidance on making a strong flu vaccine recommendation. There are handouts for all ages, ages 6 months-17years, ages 50-64, and ages 65+. In addition, there is a separate handout to prepare providers for potential questions about the flu vaccine.
  • A downloadable presentation with techniques to make a strong influenza recommendation and increase flu vaccination in your practice.
  • Two patient handouts, one geared at all patients and one at parents. These will help patients and parents understand the risks of the flu and answer common questions.
  • An appointment reminder template, in Word Document format, that practices can customize and send to patients.
  • A guide for pharmacists to support discussion with patients.
  • Links to the How I Recommend video series where healthcare providers share how they recommend influenza vaccine to their patients.
  • Social media content with graphics and text messages. See sample below:

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