International HPV Awareness Day- New Resources Available!

International HPV Awareness Day

March 4th was International HPV Awareness Day. This is a great time to raise awareness about the HPV vaccine and the prevention tools available to discuss with parents and patients.

HPV Resources

Starting the HPV vaccination series at age 9 is recommended by the American Cancer Society, the AAP and the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable. The HPV Vaccination RoundTable has some brand-new resources and materials on how to help your practice communicate effectively with parents about the importance of getting the HPV vaccine. The new resources include:

2nd Dose Grant

If you are working on improving HPV rates, why not take a look at CPP’s Second Dose Program where you can earn a grant for raising rates for vaccines that require more than one dose to complete the series, access resources to help implement a strategy in your office to raise those rates and share successful strategies with other CPP members.

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